Top 5 Cement Producing Country in World

Cement is a thin powder frequently utilized as a binder in the field of construction. While it is mixed with gravel, water, and sand, a material, called concrete is formed. Mixing water, cement, sand, and lime form mortar.

Cement ProducingThe manufacturing of cement is performed by various materials, such as chalk, limestone, marble, or shells amalgamate with iron ore, clay, shale, silica sand, and slate. Such resources heated to high temperatures in order to manufacture a rock-like material that is eventually ground to construct cement.


In the year 2014, China manufactured cement by the amount of 2,500 million metric tons. The nation holds the largest cement industry in the world. China is urbanizing at a quick rate that is characterized by the rates of large and small cities and metropolises.

More and more individuals in China are relocating from rural regions to cities each year and the government has made the investment in infrastructure from railways, roads, and buildings. Most of the locals in China reside in structures formed from cement (unlike some of the countries, such as the US, where a large number of houses are constructed with wood).


The cement industry of India has produced 280 million metric tons in the year 2014. The production of cement in the country records the annual growth of 5-6%. The top competitors in the cement sector of the nation are Ultratech Cement that directs 22% of the domestic market and it is followed by ACC and Ambuja along with the approximate market share of 15% and 13% respectively.

The construction of residential real estate is the biggest customer of cement in India. Commercial and commercial real-estate construction along with the industrial development is some other cement users in this country.

The United States

The US is the third largest cement industry across the globe. In the year ‘2014’ 83 million metric tons of cement manufactured in this nation. The 34 American states are involved with cement manufacturing plants. The states of Missouri, Alabama, California, Florida, and Texas produced almost half of the entire cement manufacturers in the particular nation in the year 2013. The US has two plants in Puerto Rico.

In the US, Portland cement is manufactured by various leading companies including Lehigh Hanson Inc., CEMEX, LafargeHolcim, and Texas Industries Inc.


The entire cement production in Iran in the year 2014 amounted to 75 million metric tons. However, this country has enhanced its capability for becoming the largest producer of cement in the Middle East.

Iran is a chief cement exporter destined for various countries including Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. In the year 2015, the country possessed 71 cement plants that jointly have a capability of 80.6 million tons/year. The major cement companies including Ghadir Investment Company and Fars and Khuzestan Cement Company have been backed by the government.


It is the fifth cement producing country in the world. The cement production of Turkey in the year 2014 was 75 million metric tons.

The idea of green cement was evolved as a substitute for the present methods of cement production.


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