Road & Highway Construction Progress under Modi Government

On the 15th August 2018, Prime Minister narendra modi addressed for the last time (on his current term). On his last speech, PM has mentioned achievements of his government of last 4 years of performance. He also mentioned about the development of highways and road construction over the country. Here is our take on the current progress report of modi government on road construction and highway construction.

Highway Construction

The department of Road Transport & Highways is currently handled by Shri Nitin Gadkari, who claimed that (in parliament) that currently in India, per day 28Km of highway is constructed. He also mentioned that earlier in the congress’s government the daily highway construction was at 14km per day. So, in just 4 years, the daily highway construction is doubled.

In addition to that, highway ministry in April 2018 said that 45km per day of highway construction work has been awarded to the contractors and the construction work of new expressways and other highways to start in sex months. So, at this speed, highway authority has achieved 10,000 km of highway construction in 2017-18 (which is equal to 28km per day). The previous record of 8,231km of highway construction (2016-17) was already achieved.

There are more than 11 expressway projects are on going in India, which will be completed in next 2-3 years. As per the report, the modi government has taken initiative of building 66,117km of roads under many different programs and for different states.

Earlier, we used to talk about the highways but now the things are changed and we are looking for the expressway, which can help us to reach from one destination to another in mean time.

There are many new highways projects are being inaugurated in India everyday by prime minister and their ministers. Recently, prime minister has lay the foundation stone for purvanchal expressway (In uttar pradesh), which will be completed in next 3 years.

Apart from highways and expressways, Modi government also working on connecting all the villages of India with durable roads which will help to generate more employment and better connectivity as well.

India has many problems, apart from poverty and education, we need to focus on road and highway construction, which can generate more employment (which can deal the poverty and education easily). We need to learn from the America, who believes in progress is only possible because of better roads, you can’t progress without good roads.

We also need to maintain our roads and highways so that it can be used more and more people and easily by more people. For that, Indian government has introduced PPP models (public private partnership), in which road construction companies get authority to collect tolls for few years to generate the construction cost.

If we keep make the progress at this speed, in 4-5 years there will be better road map India will have (like one developed countries have).

We surely have bright future ahead. Keep working hard, India.


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